How to set up and manage a team in Microsoft Teams?

According to Microsoft , teams are groups of people brought together for work, projects, or common interests. Teams are made up of two types of channels — standard (available and visible to everyone) and private (focused, private conversations with a specific audience). Each channel is built around a topic like “Team Events,” a department name, or just for fun. Channels are where you hold meetings, have conversations, and work on files together.

This article is about how to set up and manage a team in Microsoft Teams.

Setting up and managing a team in Microsoft Teams involves a few steps:

  • Go to Microsoft Teams.
  • Click on the “Teams” button on the left sidebar and click on the ‘Join or Create a team’ button on the left down of the screen.

  • Click on the “Create team” button at the top of the screen.

  • After Clicking on ‘Create a team’ the next screen will appear and Click on ‘From scratch’.

  • Click on the ‘Private’ button.

  • Give your team a name and click on ‘Create’ located on the right down left on the screen.

  • Select the members you want to add to the team and click on ‘Add’.

  • Once your team is set up, you can manage it by:
    • Adding or removing members
    • Creating channels to organize conversations
    • Assigning roles such as owner, member, and guest
    • Managing the settings of the team such as adding apps, customizing the team’s appearance, and more
    • Utilize various features such as scheduling meetings, sharing files, and collaborating on documents.
    • It’s also important to establish clear communication guidelines and expectations for the team, as well as regularly check in to ensure everyone is on the same page.