Best Apps for Microsoft Teams for improving employee engagement and productivity

Microsoft Teams is a great way to keep your users connected, especially if your organization works remotely. You can leverage Microsoft Teams to enhance your team’s collaboration building without leaving your active work environment. Apps for Microsoft Teams can help improve employee engagement and productivity.

There are several Apps and Bots for Microsoft Teams available that can help improve employee engagement and productivity. We have listed the best of those in this blog.

  • Staffbase: It is a corporate communication and employee engagement platform that integrates with Microsoft Teams to provide a centralized hub for internal communications and collaboration. It helps organizations communicate and engage with their employees in a personalized and effective manner to improve employee engagement and productivity.

  • Skillscape: It is a virtual assistant in Microsoft Teams that help organization build knowledge and skill community. It helps to develop a new skill, enrich your network, and get work done faster. It can build more meaningful connections between employees and accelerate their career development with the help of strong employee connections which will improve the productivity of the organization.

  • WorkJam Tasks: The Microsoft team’s app offers task and shift management and coordinating employee workforces. It increases productivity by providing planned-wide activities and leading exact steps to the employee to complete the tasks.

  • MIO: MIO is an app for Microsoft Teams that helps improve the virtual meeting experience by allowing participants to share their audio and video streams. MIO works with Teams to provide high-quality audio and video streams that run smoothly, even on lower-end devices. MIO also includes features like automatic camera adjustments, noise suppression, and bandwidth optimization, which help to ensure that audio and video streams are of high quality, even in challenging network conditions.

  • AwardCo: It is the best App of Microsoft Teams for recognition as it directly synchronizes employee success stories. It automates reward processes like birthdays, work anniversaries, and more. Employee recognition is a critical part of the business.

  • Todoist: Todoist is a popular task management and to-do list tool that can be integrated with Microsoft Teams. The Todoist app for Microsoft Teams allows users to access their Todoist tasks and projects directly from within the Teams app, making it easier to stay on top of their tasks and to-do items while collaborating with their team. With Todoist in Teams, users can view, edit, and complete their tasks, as well as receive notifications and reminders which help to improve employee engagement and productivity of the organizations.


Likewise, we are here in Microsoft Teams with a similar recognization app “A-Bot” that will help you with employee engagement and productivity. A-Bot is an app and bot that is specially designed only for Microsoft Teams. It is an easy and flexible bot for business and can be integrated with Microsoft Teams to streamline communication and collaboration within the team. A-Bot is a Birthday reminder and Birthday app that will help you to recognize your employee and boost productivity by keeping track of birthdays, work anniversaries, and daily standup meetings. With A-Bot, you can easily manage employee recognition and keep track of important dates and events, making it a great tool for Microsoft teams to improve employee engagement and productivity.