How do I share my screen during a meeting in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft teams is a messaging application for business organizations. Teams is a collaboration and communication application that supports meetings, calls, and sharing files and stickers. When hosting a meeting in M/S Teams, sharing your screen with participants is possible. Sharing your screen with your team during meetings is a must. This article will show you how to share screens during your ongoing meeting.
Here’s how you can share your screen during the meeting with teams.

  • First, open your Microsoft Teams and join the meeting by clicking on the “Meet” button located on the top-right of the screen.
Click MS Team meet

  • After clicking on the “Meet” Button you will see the next screen.
  • You can set your meeting name, camera, and mic to be On or Off.
  • After setting all the requirements, click on the “Join now” button located on the down-right of the screen.

  • After joining the meeting you can also share files or attachments you want to share by clicking ‘Up-arrow’ as shown in the image.